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doc. Ing. Tomáš  Koutný, Ph.D.



Recent Occupation

Research The biomedical-engineering topic focuses on glucose transport across capillary membrane up to the cell, with the original aim to fight the diabetes disease. The computer-science topics include programmable networks, distributed systems, steganography and cryptography, parallel computations and simulation as a tool for the biomedical engineering.
Lecturing Parallel Programming, Operating Systems and Computer Networks
Programming Software related to the research activities, several shareware and freeware applications.

Selected Publications - Biomedical Engineering

  • Tomáš Koutný, "Using meta-differential evolution to enhance a calculation of a continuous blood glucose level", Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, vol. 133, pp. 45 - 54, 2016
  • Tomáš Koutný, "Blood Glucose Level Reconstruction Using Values of Continuous Glucose Level Measuring in Subcutaneous Tissue", Technologies in diabetology, Darova, Czech Republic, 2014
  • Tomáš Koutný, "Blood glucose Level Reconstruction as a Function of Transcapillary Glucose Transport", Computers in Biology and Medicine, Volume 53, pp. 171-178, 2014
  • Tomáš Koutný, "Glucose Predictability, Blood Capillary Permeability, and Glucose Utilization Rate in Subcutaneous, Skeletal Muscle, and Visceral Fat Tissues", Computers in Biology and Medicine, Volume 43, pp. 1680-1686, 2013
  • Tomáš Koutný, "Gluocose-Level Interpolation for Determining Glucose Distribution Delay", Proceedings of XIII Mediterranean Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing, Sevilla, Spain, 2013
  • Tomáš Koutný, "Prediction of Interstitial Glucose Level", IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine, Volume 16, Issue 1, pp. 136-142, 2012
  • Tomáš Koutný, "Estimating Reaction Delay for Glucose Level Prediction", Medical Hypotheses, Volume 77, Issue 6, pp. 1034-1037, 2011
  • Tomáš Koutný, "Modeling of Compartment Reaction Delay and Glucose Travel Time through Interstitial Fluid in Reaction to a Change of Glucose Concentration", Proceedings of the 10th IEEE International Conference on Information Technology and Applications in Biomedicine, Corfu, Greece, 2010

Selected Publications - Computer Science

  • Jan Strnádek, Tomáš Koutný, and Josef Kohout, "Introducing the effect of aging into the Honey Bee Mating Optimization to determine parameters or blood glucose level calculatione", The 9th International Conference on Human System Interaction, Portsmouth, United Kingdom, 2016
  • Tomáš Koutný, "Experience with Lamport Clock Ordered Events with Intel Threading Building Blocks in a Glucose-Level Prediction Software", Proceedings of International Work-Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering, Granada, Spain, 2014
  • Vladimír Aubrecht and Tomáš Koutný, "Revisiting the DARPA's Idea of a Programmable Network", Military Communications and Information Systems Conference, Gdaňsk, Poland, 2012
    Supported by NATO, European Defence Agency and IEEE
  • Tomáš Koutný and Jakub Sýkora, "Lessons Learned on Enhancing Performance of Networking Applications by IP Tunneling through Active Networks", International Journal on Advances in Internet Technology, Volume 3, Numbers 3 & 4, 2010, pp. 233-244, ISSN: 1942-2652
  • Tomáš Koutný, "Detecting Unauthorized Modification of HTTP Communication with Steganography", Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Internet and Web Applications and Services, Barcelona, Spain, 2010
    Published in IEEE Digital Library
  • Jakub Sýkora and Tomáš Koutný, "Enhancing Performance of Networking Applications by IP Tunneling through Active Networks", Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Networks, Menuires, France, 2010
    Published in IEEE Digital Library
  • Tomáš Koutný and Jiří Šafařík, "Simulating Distributed Applications in an Active Network", Proceedings of 6th Eurosim Congress, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2007, pp. 379
  • Tomáš Koutný and Jiří Šafařík, "Load Redistribution in Heterogeneous Systems", Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Autonomic and Autonomous Systems, Athens, Greece, 2007, pp. 24 – 32
    Published in IEEE Digital Library
  • Tomáš Koutný and Jiří Šafařík, "Maintaining Communication Channels for Migrating Processes in the Environment of Active Networks", Proceedings of the IASTED International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing and Networks - PDCN 2005,Innsbruck, Austria, 2005, pp. 100 – 105
    In cooperation with IEEE Technical Committee on Parallel Processing (TCPP)
  • Tomáš Koutný,"Load-Balancing in Distributed Environment", Technical Report DCSE/TR-2004-06, FAV ZČU, Czech Republic, 2004
  • Tomáš Koutný and Jiří Šafařík, "Gradient Method with Topology Discovery for Load-Balancing in Active Networks", Proceedings of the 11th Annual IEEE International Conference on the Engineering of Computer Based Systems, Brno, Czech Republic, 2004, pp. 75 – 85
  • Tomáš Koutný and Jiří Šafařík, "Load-Balancing Using Autonomous Co-operating Nodes", Proceedings of the 3rd Symposium on Trends in Communications, Bratislava, Slovak Republic, 2003, pp. 153 – 155
    In cooperation with IEEE CS Section


Computer Reconstruction of Blood Glucose Level Using Continual Measuring of Glucose Level in Subcutaneous Tissue - Habilitation Thesis
Load Redistribution in Distributed Environment - Ph.D. Thesis
Component-Oriented Software for a Manufacturing System - Master Thesis

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