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Any customer information or information that could potentially identify any person will not be released to any third party under no circumstances unless such action would be enforced by law. This mainly, but not only, applies to information obtained during a process of purchase or subscription to mailing list. Except direct payment to author, all orders are processed by third party - RegisterNow, eSellerate or NextEdge. For their specific rules on privacy and security, see their privacy statements. Every time an order is completed, buyer is enlisted into a specific mailing list for given product. The membership in any mailing list can be canceled by following instructions stated in sent e-mail. These mailing lists are used to announce new versions only, since they present upgrade free of any charge.

To protect collected information, they are stored with security measures such as data encryption, firewalls, antivirus & antispyware scans and others proprietary technologies and procedures.

Moreover, software available at www.rawos.com contains absolutely no extra advertising add-ons or advertising systems of any kind, and no extra programs tagging along in its installer.