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Piracy Pirated Serial Numbers and Cracks

So, you would like to get your copy of Easy Notes/Time registered for free, and your are not afraid to use stolen code, code generator or crack, huh? Well, then you should know that pirate, keygen, registration codes are detected and made unusable; thus, you're getting nothing this way.

Just imagine what kind of websites you have to visit. There's a real danger of getting infected with spyware, viruses or trojan horses from such site; don't be mistaken, antiviruses are always behind new viruses. Even if your source is safe, how can you be sure that keygen or crack itself is safe? It really could be a trojan horse opening back doors to your computer wide open for hackers to steal anything, and to do anything. It may even include activities such as sending viruses and spam. At the very least, you're loosing your privacy. In addition, you are likely to get a lot of spam, porn ads and popup windows. Are you still using modem? Well, then be on alert before dialers making your modem call expensive long distance numbers.

Do you see it now? This illegal way can bring you nothing but troubles. And mainly, associated costs can get easily several times higher than price of your legal registration code.

 Get Easy Notes personal registration code for $19.95 only  Get Easy Time personal registration code for $24.95 only

However, there's still legal way to get your registration code for free. Such codes were issued to people who helped with development via active identification of bugs and improvements proposals.