What's New

Version 5.11

Version 5.1

  • French translation
  • Taskbar clock works on 64-bit Windows, including Windows 7
  • Added new time formatting masks to display 12-hour format w/o AM/PM
  • Taskbar clock text is being centered horizontally by default

Version 5

  • Customizable clock skins
  • Diary exporting
  • Dropped support of Windows Address Book
  • Improved settings windows
  • New SOS options
  • Number of updates in internal components
  • Rewritten so it is possible to use binary distributions w/o installer

Version 4.23 BETA

  • Vista Compatible
  • Several cosmetics/bug fixes and optimizations

Version 4.21

  • Ability to use pre-made EML files
  • Several cosmetics/bug fixes and optimizations

Version 4.2

  • Taskbar clock overriding working with XP Themes
  • Improved translation engine
  • Less memory consumption
  • Officially supported Japanese translation
  • Several cosmetics/bug fixes and optimizations

Version 4.1

  • Ability to send event announcements as e-mails acting as e-mail client
  • Ability to translate to different languages and to modify GUI
  • Translations into Czech and English are available as a sample
  • SOS Mode helping to easy solve miscellaneous difficulties
  • Several cosmetics/bug fixes and optimizations

Version 4.0

  • Moving notes in diary
  • Diary note naming
  • Searching for notes in diary
  • Diary notes can be predefined using template
  • User's data file format allowing encryption
  • Compression algorithms
  • Data can be de/compressed on the fly during work
  • Main data file can be compacted on start
  • Completely new event system
  • New event schedules
  • Event can execute a task on its run
  • Event has its own end action
  • Events can be stored/created as templates
  • Windows Address Book support (Launch and data file selection)
  • Integration into Windows Address Book to create events from it
  • Schedulable Time Synchronization
  • Vast database of time serves available on Internet including servers' info
    (281 time servers in 69 regions)
  • Rewritten time synchronization to make it more precise
  • Time server can be queried multiple time to better eliminate network lag
  • Pinging time server
  • XP Look
  • Using DirectShow to play media files
  • Support for Targa, PCX, PNG and ANI file formats
  • New chime sounds
  • Clock window can be made click-through
  • Definable action on tray icon double click
  • Enhanced text-formatting capabilities for notes
  • Auto-announcing new versions
  • Tray Clock can have its own back and foreground color
  • New setup system making smaller installation files
  • Several cosmetics/bug fixes and optimizations
Easy Time 5.11 (Released on January 20th, 2013)
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