Easy Time

Each of us faces a number of various tasks, which needs to be done in a near future. What we need is a handy tool that reminds us on time.

Easy Time is such tool with an intuitive and friendly interface. Schedule reminders, be notified via e-mail, run programs and scripts on set times, diarize, synchronize clock via Internet - simply said, have a control over your time. Experts are given all options, beginners are not overwhelmed by the interface.

With Easy Time, you can set alarms using several, distinctive schedules. It is possible to combine single, periodic and aperiodic time schedules. You can label each alarm with name, subject and have a note to track anything, what’s related. Moreover, you can receive notifications via e-mail that will include this information. A program, or a batch script, can be run on an alarm event as well. Next, it is possible to adjust look and sound of each alarm, define its durability and to postpone it, when raised - if desired. Easy Time watches until canceled, even if a computer was shut down. In addition, you can set whether to show missed events or not. If desired, you can un/pause all alarms at once.

Easy Time has a built-in diary. It gives an overview of a week with a summary on notes and alarms. By selecting a day, you get a full access to all alarms planned for that day (including the periodic ones) and all notes related to. Main notes posses the rich text formatting with features and interface of a text processor. To import files and export notes into files, you can take advantage of installed MS Office file filters. With auto-run capability enabled, Easy Time can show you all notes and alarms for present day, each you turn your computer on.

To stay on current time, there's a function to synchronize it via Internet. The database holds 281 time servers, which are sorted by world-wide regions. Time synchronization can use multiple-queries to eliminate network lag, and you can set it to be performed automatically, or manually.

Even a small feature can be an advantage. To maintain a comfortable track of current time, a skinnable clock is at your disposal with 32-bit graphics and anti-aliasing. A number of skins are available right with the installation, yet you can still create one easily for yourself. Moreover, you can override the taskbar clock to display time the way you want it.

Easy Time 5.11 (Released on January 20th, 2013)
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