Event's Properties

Event's Properties
Figure 2.1.1: Event's Properties

You can think about event as about special alarm or whatever kind of reminder you met before. Easy Time treats events as something what happens at scheduled time(s); e.g. displaying a notification window or launching some application. You can configure event in following areas:

  1. Schedule - see more here
  2. Description
  3. Durability
  4. Appearance
  5. Action
  6. E-Mail


Use this to name event and to enter its subject. Here you can also manage notes related to certain note - e.g. for repeatable events you can note what happened on scheduled time.


Durability limits event's length of life, time for which notification window is displayed and whether to perform missed event notifications.

When you set end time you should pay attention to action that will be performed at the end. There's a number of choices of actions, which can be taken.


Every time an event notification window is displayed it can take settings from here to show custom picture and to play custom sound.


You may run an application/document every time an event arises by entering its path here together with options where/how to run it. Usually you'll only need to enter the path and disable the notification window.

If you're interested in official explanation of available (except that one for notification window) options, see the ShellExecEx/SHELLEXECUTEINFO function/structure in Win32 API.


On event, Easy Time is able to send notification about it via e-mail. All you need to do is to enter addresses and enable the e-mail notification.

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