Using Diary

Figure 3.1.1: Diary

As it is apparent, the diary is divided into three basic parts:

  1. Panel displaying info and holding quick notes for whole week
  2. Overview of all events planned on selected day
  3. All notes for selected day

1. The left part of diary is divided into eight parts. The first seven of them represent all days of week. Each day has its own quick note, the edit box located left, quick overview of events and notes and small picture of tear-off calendar. Clicking this picture selects a day. Number of such day is being drawn within blue ellipse. The abbreviation of current day is always being drawn with red color. The last, eighth, part located at diary left bottom corner is toolbar allowing you to quickly select day or to go one week/month forward/backward in time. To go to today, just expand the date control and click current date

2. The view located near the right top corner of diary displays all events planned on selected day including repeatable ones. You can treat it as a special case of Events Window.

3. Integrated text processor is occupying the rest of diary place. There you can manage notes related to certain day. These notes pose the rich text formatting with features and interface of text processor. To import files or export notes into files, you can take advantage of installed MS Office file filters.  Besides rich text formatting, you can add, replace and remove notes via files. Easy Time is able to take advantage of installed MS Office file filters to load/save file of types other than rich text format; these filters are not guaranteed to be fully functional with Easy Time.


However this diary supports OLE (it stands for Object Linking & Embedding), you should know that each object is being maintained with taken of third party program. Try to explore diary's menu Edit|Paste Special and Insert New Object items to learn more. Figure 3.8.2 shows activated MS Paint inside diary. To end such editing, just click elsewhere than the selected rectangle.

A spreadsheet being edited within Easy Time Diary
Figure 3.2.1: MS Paint in Easy Time Diary
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