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Easy Time Screenshots


Scheduling an event Event
Easy Time event (advanced reminder/alarm) is scheduled using one or more single and/or repeatable schedules. You can describe each event using name, subject, and note allowing you to keep track of anything what's related. Moreover, Easy Time can send such information as e-mail while acting as e-mail client. Durability, appearance, and action are configurable too. Events are being watched until canceled, even if a computer was shut down. You can also set whether to show missed events or not.
On Event On Event
Any time an event arise, a dialog appears to let you know it, unless you've explicitly disabled such dialogs. The dialog gives you control over the event, for example quick postponing, while you are one click away from opening event's properties window.
List of Events List of Events
All events are displayed in a simple list view providing brief overview of each event. From there, you can create, edit or delete them. In addition, you can sort the list.
Tray Icon Menu Tray Icon Menu
Easy Time can run minimized to tray icon only, from which it provides access to all functions.
Time Synchronization Time Synchronization
With Easy Time, you can synchronize your computer clock with fidelity of milliseconds.
Time Serves Time Servers
There is a vast database of time servers with their detailed descriptions.
Clock Window Clock Window/Taskbar Clock
To watch current time, a number of clock is available to choose the one you'd like to see on your desktop. Also, it is possible to create your own clock skin. On Windows prior Vista, you can override displaying of taskbar clock to show the time in custom format - e.g. Wed 20., 5:35:20 AM.
Diary Diary
The built-in diary gives you an easy to use view on week by displaying quick information about events and notes for each day together with quick notes. By selecting a day, you're getting full access to all events planned on such day (including the periodic ones) and all notes related to. Such note posses the rich text formatting with features and interface of text processor. To import files or export notes into files, you can take advantage of installed MS Office file filters. With taken of the auto-run capability and diary startup option you can configure Easy Time to show you all notes and events for current day each time you turn your computer on.
OLE Support OLE Support
Easy Time supports OLE to include objects created in another applications This screenshot shows a spreadsheet being edited within Easy Time diary.
Address Book Integration Address Book Integration
To make the event creating easier Easy Time also integrates into Windows Address Book and provides you new action for contacts - create event.

This functionality is available only in versions earlier than 4.23 BETA including.

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