Tasks Overview


Tasks are designed to help you to keep track of various tasks in progress, tasks to do in future, but remember done tasks too. However, while they support priority, status and deadline settings, the main goal was to let you the smallest number of information instead of requiring all of them. For full description of task, see this chapter - Task Properties.

Similarly to note tree, tasks can be also organized into a tree. However, except to note tree, each folder is not task itself, but container of several tasks. Moreover, there's a special kind of folder - view; for more information see this chapter - Task Tree & View. Working with tasks is very similar to working with e.g. MS Outlook Express. Thus, you can drag task folders to reorganize the tree, or to drag tasks to folders.

Task Settings

Using settings, use tray icon menu|Settings|Options|Tasks, you can set policy of tasks window showing on Easy Notes startup. If you wish to be able to switch to tasks window via taskbar, not just tray icon clicking, use the second option.

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