What's New

Version 5.13

  • A data URI can be inserted into a plain-text
  • Base64 encoded block can be saved as a file from a plain-text
  • Plain-text can be automatically transformed to a set of HTML paragraphs

Version 5.12

  • Possibility to edit and send raw e-mails
  • Improved menus and toolbars for plain-text editing
  • New editing possibilities for plain-text editing
  • New templates for plain-text editing
  • Inserting SHA-1 into plain-text
  • Plain editor opens automatically for unknown file type
  • Some minor code maintanence

Version 5.09

  • Insert file size, with support for wild cards, in Plain Editor
  • Docpad offers two lists of recently opened items
  • New command line options
  • New time formatting masks for 12-hour format without am/pm
  • Tray icon menu offers a list of all active desktop notes
  • Windows 7 support
  • Improved extension loading, bug fixed and speeded up

Version 5.08

  • DocPad DirMounter
  • Binary distribution
  • Dynamic alpha blending of desktop notes
  • Miscellaneous small improvement, mainly in tasks window
  • Support of Internet Explorer 8 inPrivate browsing
  • Largely updated internal data manager allowing faster file operations
  • PlainEditor can select any text and use it as URL, or ShellExec
  • RichEditor displays font types
  • RichEditor uses normal.rtf template for initial formatting of new documents

Version 5

  • DocPad
  • Rich Editor
  • Plain Editor
  • Plug-ins allowing further extension via third-party products
  • Several new configuration options
  • New command line options
  • Support for password-protected encryption of main data file
  • Improved networking
  • Improved Unicode support
  • Improved and enhanced internal architecture
  • Improved searching including support for regular expressions
  • Polished user interface
  • Several bug fixes and optimization
  • Lowered memory requirements
  • German translation

Version 4.01

  • Option to create tree notes as subnotes by default
  • Fixed possibility of start-up crash on system without installed printer
  • Fixed visibility of dialogs of top-most desktop notes
  • Mouse pointer no longer takes control over selecting of tree note

Version 4

  • Tasks
  • Opened tree notes react on [Ctrl]+[Tab] and [Shift]+[Ctrl]+[Tab] shortcuts to switch among them
  • Add option to paste HTML code instead of formatted text when pasting to tree note
  • When pasting to tree note, the source of the text, e.g. Internet address, is pasted by default if available
  • Added displaying of custom symbols on days in calendar
  • Several new options
  • Option to reset settings to default values
  • Auto-start can be delayed to prevent any accidental collision with other auto-starting applications
  • Japanese translation
  • Several bug fixes and optimization
  • Lowered memory requirements

Version 3.02

  • Added configurable ShellExec function to each desktop note
  • Caption of desktop note responds to right mouse click with pop-up menu
  • Calendar's caption text is configurable according to selected day
  • Today label of calendar acts as a link to today
  • Options to disable automatic checking for new version ad startup splash
  • Inserting date/time into note tree
  • More actions for main data file
  • Internal optimizations
  • Improved setup

Version 3.0

  • Note Tree to organize notes in the tree structure
  • Inserting objects (pictures, media, file links, etc.) into tree notes
  • Print preview for tree notes
  • Enhanced text-formatting capabilities for all notes
  • Definable templates for all kinds of notes
  • Individual background color for desktop notes
  • Separate transparencies for desktop and calendar notes
  • New data file format speeding up execution and allowing encryption
  • Compression algorithms
  • Data can be de/compressed on the fly during work
  • Main data file can be compacted on start
  • Data check for data recovering
  • Enhanced settings
  • Definable action on tray icon double click
  • New setup system making smaller installation files
  • Several cosmetics/bug fixes and optimizations

Version 2.7

  • Added capability to search for notes within several notes as well as within single note
  • Desktop notes save more history about the roll-state
  • Added shortcuts for Stay-on-Top ([Ctrl]+[T]) and Roll ([Ctrl]+[O])
  • Notes are being saved using less system resources
  • Divided settings into General and Note ones
  • Added definable action for left click with mouse button on the tray icon
  • Introduced Web News
  • New Troubleshooter
  • Rewritten Calendar to fix formatting issues when dragging notes
  • Rewritten Calendar resulted into better note saving
  • Stay-on-Top is no more so aggressive while maintaining the same functionality
    (This fixed strange behavior for some configurations and Winsight)
  • Easy Notes offers option to disable Auto-run function if enabled and last start was not 100% successful
    (Introduced since Version 2.7 Beta 2 mainly to help beta testers)
  • New look & feel featuring 3D icons
Easy Notes 5.13 (Released on January 20th, 2013)
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