Best Practices

  • In the tree menu at left, refer to section "How to..."
  • Use desktop notes to remember data you need to access quickly.
  • Set frequently accessed desktop notes to always stay on top.
  • Roll your desktop notes into floating bars to save your desktop space.
  • You can hide the note toolbar and use shortcuts to format the text.
  • Use DocPad to organize files in a tree structure.
  • Use tasks to manage your to-do list and future plans.
  • Sort tasks hierarchically using task tree.
  • Use task view to see tasks to be finished in a given future.
  • You can drag text between notes and from/to other application, e.g. Internet Explorer.
  • Use [Ctrl]+[F] keys to invoke Find dialog.
  • Use [F3] key to search for next occurrence without the Find dialog.
  • Use document templates to save your time
  • You can use Note Bin as a storage for notes, which you don't access often.
  • Use the possibility to define custom action for the left mouse click on the tray icon.
  • Use program like Easy Time to schedule regular backup of your data file.
  • Inform about your ideas. This is the best way to realize your wishes!
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