Editing Tree Notes

The largest part of window occupies note editor. This editor allows you to use rich-text formatting including object linking and embedding. Using menus and toolbars you will find standard commands to format the text (clipboard, undo & redo, font settings, paragraph settings, OLE, colors, etc.).

Unlike all other notes, you can use OLE here - i.e. to include objects like link to file, MS Excel Grid or CorelDraw! picture. You can insert OLE object in one following ways:

  1. Using the "Create Link to File" command from the "Edit" menu
  2. Using the "Insert New Object" command from the "Edit" menu
    This way you can insert existing file (e.g. picture) or create new object.
  3. Using the "Paste Special" command from the "Edit" menu

Once inserted, you can active/work it with by double click or using context menu (e.g. to change its appearance). Note that some kind of objects (e.g. large bitmaps) requires a lot of space to store the information so don't be afraid when it takes a little bit longer to load large note.

Hyperlinks are supported too.

Note Tree Editor

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