DocPad serves as multi-role editor. It means that it can handle multiple file formats at the same time. Per each document of given file format, a single window is opened. This window hosts appropriate editor. For example, following screenshot depicts RichEditor.


At left side of the window is panel with tree. Each item in the tree is one file/document, which may even serve as a node. However, "Named Node" item type is supposed to take this role. Upper part contains tabs - one tab per opened item/file. All icons located above the tabs are applied either to DocPad tree or they represent generally available actions to all editors. Icons located below the tabs are specific to current editor. Also, editor-specific actions, contained within menu, have top-level menu items colored with different background.

In addition, you can use mouse to drag items to organize them. Please note that deleting node an item also deletes all its sub-items.

Beside menu and toolbar, you can use drag'n'drop to open files and/or to add them into the DocPad tree. To open a file, drag it e.g. from Windows Explorer somewhere into the panel with tree so that no item is selected. If some item is selected, the file will be added into the tree as either a copy or a link; use combinations of [Ctrl], [Alt] and [Shift] keys to select desired action.

To create new file, use menu Item|New|File. If an extension that handles the given file type requires an existing file, Easy Notes will prompt you to select the file name immediatelly. Otherwise, in-memory file will be created and Easy Notes will prompt you to select the file name only after you decide to save the file.

There are three possible save operations:

  • Save - the document is saved at its current location, you may be prompted to select the location first - see the previous paragraph
  • Save To - the content will be saved into an external file, but you will continue to edit the current document
  • Save As- the content will be saved into an external file and you will continue with editing of the newly created file
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