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Registering Easy Notes

Thank you very much for your interest! If you would like to use this shareware program, you have to buy registration code. Personal registration code, i.e. for you personal use, costs US$ 19.95 only. You may also purchase registration code for more than one person (e.g. for companies and institutions) for reduced price. In such case, send e-mail to rawos@rawos.com.

If you buy the registration code, you will receive your code and unlimited customer support via e-mail. There's a bonus worth considering: Until cancelled your registration code will remain valid for all future versions. This rule is effective since the first version.

For instructions how to install registration code, refer to reference guide. Also, you have to comply with License Agreement.

The most convenient, fast and secure way to get your registration code is on-line purchase. Nevertheless, you still have the option to make order by check, wire, mail, phone, fax and P.O. (if applicable). If you would like to use yet a different order method, please, send your request to rawos@rawos.com.

Restricted by territory you live in, you can make your order via

  1. World except Japan
    1. Intel AppUpSM
      (Credit Card)
    2. RegisterNow
      (Credit Card, Check, Wire, Money Order, Invoice, Fax, PayPal, P.O. Mail, Phone)
    3. eSellerate
      (Credit Card)
    4. Author
      (Postal Mail/P.O., Check, Help with registration, Use in organization)
  2. Japan
    1. nextEDGE


There is a special build of Easy Notes that cooperates with Intel AppUpSM. This is a centralized catalog of applications for netbooks and other personal computing devices. Intel Corporation does a special application testing before it is included in the catalog. The testing includes install and unistall process and network traffic monitoring. However, it is necessary to install IntelAppUp client in order to use the store.

Link to Intel catalog version: http://www.appup.com/applications/applications-Easy Notes.


With RegisterNow, you can place your order using a credit card, check, money order, invoice, wire, phone, fax and P.O. mail (if applicable). They accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Visa Check Card, EuroCard and MasterMoney. You can lookup your orders online (license codes, download links, order status) and view frequently asked questions at http://www.regnow.com/cs.

Using credit card

Please, visit following secured connection to make your order. As soon as you click the "Order Now" button, please fill the form and select payment method - credit card.

Using check, wire, mail, fax and P.O. Mail

Please, visit following secured connection to make your order. As soon as you click the "Order Now" button, please fill the form and select payment method. Note that you will have to pay additional processing fee. Once submitted online, the appropriate information will be provided to you in your web browser to send your payment off line.

Link to place your order: https://www.regnow.com/softsell/nph-softsell.cgi?item=3257-12

Using phone

For phone orders and order related questions, the toll free number in the US is 1-877-353-7297. Internationally you can call at 1-(952) 646-5331. The order desk is available 24x7. Note that there's additional processing fee. You need to provide following info:

Order Information
Item #: 3257-12
Product Name: Easy Notes Personal Registration Code
Quantity: 1
Price: $19.95

Personal Information
First Name
Last Name
Street Address
Zip/Postal Code
Email Address


With eSellerate, you can place your order using a credit card, phone and fax. eSellerate accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Using credit card

Please, visit following secured connection to make your order. As soon as you ready to confirm the order, press the "Checkout" button and follow instructions.

Link to place your order: http://store.eSellerate.net/s.asp?s=STR903160940


Thanks for reading this document. If you would like to use other way than proposed above, you may handle the order directly with author.

Using Postal Mail / P.O., Check

You can purchase your registration code by sending cash (no coins please) or check using the old good postal office. See below for specific information.

Send 20 USD. If you send your own money, include equivalent of 4 USD for bank handling fees. No coins please!

Use check drawn on US, Canadian, Australian, Swiss or EU bank in the amount of 25 USD (cost of reg. code and bank handling fees). Fill it with following:

Pay to the Order of: Tomas Koutny
Amount: 25.00 USD
Memo: Easy Notes Registration
Address: Tomas Koutny
Tachovska 63
323 25 Plzen, Czech Republic

Send the money or check to following postal address:

Postal Address
Tomas Koutny
Tachovska 63
323 25 Plzen, Czech Republic

You will receive your registration code via e-mail as soon as money or check is delivered. Therefore, send either notification e-mail or enclose info with address where to send the reg. code. If you would like also to deliver the reg. code to postal address, include additional 2.50 USD for postal handling fees.

Questions, Special Request, Use in Organization

If you have any question, special request, or you would like to purchase registration code for use in organization (in terms of EULA) don't hesitate and use this e-mail addresss: rawos@rawos.com



To purchase Easy Notes within Japan territory, please follow this link:

Privacy statement is available at http://www.shareedge.com/public/article/privacy.htm
Trading statement is available at http://www.shareedge.com/public/article/sales_statement.htm

Please, note that all nextEDGE pages are in Japanese.

What is shareware?

Shareware lets you try a program for a period before you buy it. Since you've tried a shareware program, you know whether it will meet your needs before you pay for it. If you use this program not for evaluation, you are expected to register it. A registered version of this product includes the permanent right to use the product for an unlimited time. The registered version also disables the dialog reporting unregistered status to appear.

The essence of shareware is to provide you with software that you get to "try before you buy", while rewarding the efforts of the developers. When you think about it, such opportunity is the ultimate guarantee of a product's quality and usefulness to you. In fact, shareware can be just as professionally developed as software that comes in a fancy box (with a lot of hype and yet no way to determine issues such as the "look and feel", etc.), but the price of shareware can be set lower because it does not have to cover expensive marketing costs. Still, software businesses that market their products as shareware need to be paid for their efforts just as any other business. When you support the shareware concept, it ensures that the concept will continue to work and you will continue to get to "try before you buy". Thank you for understanding and honoring the "shareware" concept.


Any customer information or information that could potentially identify any person will not be released to any third party under no circumstances unless such action would be enforced by law. This mainly, but not only, applies to information obtained during a process of purchase or subscription to mailing list. Except direct payment to author, all orders are processed by third party - Intel, RegisterNow, eSellerate or NextEdge. For their specific rules on privacy and security, see their privacy statements. Every time an order is completed, buyer is enlisted into a specific mailing list for given product. The membership in any mailing list can be canceled by following instructions stated in sent e-mail.

To protect collected information, they are stored with security measures such as data encryption, firewalls, antivirus & antispyware scans and others proprietary technologies and procedures.